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narayana games is an independent game development studio focussing on VR, AR and multiplayer. We're based near Munich at Lake Ammer (Ammersee), Germany, but have an international team collaborating all over the world. Our current project, Holodance, is a Virtual Reality rhythm game released on Steam into Early Access on April 5th, 2016 that evolved from "Dancing with Dragons" into "Clubbing with osu! beatmaps" within roughly one year and keeps on evolving based both on player feedback and our own creative flow.


Before narayana games: Jashan Chittesh (founder)

Jashan Chittesh started developing a game called Traces of Illumination as a side-project in 2007, after he found out about the Unity game engine and converted to Mac to actually use it. Traces of Illumination is loosely based on the mechanics of Snake or Lightcycles but turned them into a cooperative game where teams of players help each other to achieve a common goal - instead of trying to lock everyone else in walls. In 2015, Jashan's first book "Das Unity-Buch" (currently only available in German language) was published by dpunkt Verlag. This book is a 512 page introduction to the Unity game engine that starts with 2D and finishes with Virtual Reality.

narayana games

The studio narayana games was founded in 2011 and started with releasing ScoreFlash to the Unity Asset Store. ScoreFlash is an extension we originally developed for Traces of Illumination for our animated score-popups and -HUDs. With approximately 500 units sold, generating an income of about €6,000.00, this addon was moderately successful and we have also used it for several contract game projects as well as our current game Virtual Reality game Holodance.

Sustainable Games

We believe that games are the most advanced and eloquent form of communication that we as humans currently have at our disposal. As such, what drives our game designs is the question: What is it the world really needs us to communicate? There can never be a single or definite answer to that question as the world constantly changes and thus the need constantly changes - but keeping the question in our awareness brings forth an endless creative flow which eventually expresses itself into joyful fun game experiences. Experiences that are designed to enliven your true joyful nature.

Holodance: A Virtual Reality Rhythm Game

Those principles are implemented in our Virtual Reality Rhythm Game Holodance that has a group of dragons returning to planet Earth to remind us, the human species, of our duty of care for the planet and the responsibility for our own future. In its upcoming collaborative multiplayer mode, Holodance gives players working together internationally a bonus – and during development, we also worked with artists from Turkey, USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, The Netherlands, Russia and China. Due to requests by players we have added support for osu!-beatmaps and turned what was originally planned as two episodes into a single game with both a "story-mode" that still has the dragons and a "free mode" that lets players pick any of the environments we had created for the story as well as several additional environments, to eventually play with any music they like (osu!-beatmaps support is just the first step towards that direction).



Holodance V0.8 Release Trailer YouTube, Vimeo

Holodance V0.8.3: Avatar System Teaser 2 YouTube, Vimeo



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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Jashan Chittesh, Munich, Germany (Website)
Game-Design, programming, set-design, project-management, marketing, community-management, some music remixing

Mirimah Münch, Munich, Germany

Samuel Hajek, Freyung, Germany (Website)
Art direction, modeling, texturing and animating all the dragons, concept art for the levels

Hrishikesh Varaskar, Mumbai, India (Website)
Art direction, modeling, color-theming

Antonia Schaller, Cambridge, UK (Website)
Marketing, 2D artist, user interface design, animation

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